Street Fashion!

Street Fashion!

Street fashion is a term used to describe fashion that is considered to have emerged not from studios, but from the grassroots. Street fashion is generally associated with youth culture. Japanese street fashion sustains multiple simultaneous highly diverse fashion movements at any given time. Mainstream fashion often appropriates street fashion trends as influences. Most major youth subcultures have had an associated street fashion. Examples include:
Hippies (denim, T-shirts, long hair, flower power and psychedelic imagery, flared trousers)
Teddy Boys (drape jackets, drainpipe trousers, crepe shoes)
Punk fashion (ripped clothing, safety pins, bondage, provocative T-shirt slogans,Mohican hairstyle)
Skinheads (short-cropped hair, fitted jeans, Ben Sherman button-up shirts, Fred Perry polo shirts, Harrington jackets, Dr. Martens boots)
Gothic fashion (black clothing, heavy coats, poet shirts, big boots, makeup).
Hip hop fashion (501 Levis, ECKO, South Pole, Avirex, Sean Jean, NIKE)


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