”the man of principles”

He walks alone, he thinks alone

He does something and then doesn`t regret

He is a man of GOD and prays as a GOD

He likes to read and then to repeat

Like a student in the classroom

He can`t bear being interrupt

While he`s speaking to someone else

He is alone but at the same time

He is surrounded by many who want to know-who is this man?

The man of principles


All this world`s taking with him

A lot of people with their principles

All these people like the man of principles

Never act against their rules

That are created by the man of HELL


Like a valuable safe

He takes with him his own rules

Never saying that they are wrong

Ever saying never to his rules

Like the ”Jury” he creates new ”laws”

For him and others to live among them

And he`s supposed to die and go under

With his principles




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