”Sea Stone”

Only at the turn of the 20th day

The sea took off my wish at last

The wave crumbled to the coast

And fell back hasty hissing-Here this` s for you!


When I took the stone in my palm

The stone was chanting with the sea

Which grinded it in his depth and now

Brought and threw it to my feet.


Who did calculate for centuries, years,

Months, days, hours and seconds,

Set right, emend our ways

Till the moment of this miracle meeting.


Don` t know-Maybe it` s necessary not at all

Dig out the infinite depth of the case

That now in its invisible wrinkles

Keep the numerous threads of our Futures.


The most important thing is this stone after all

Immaculate, pure and peerless.

Flooded with the immortal roar of the sea

With the cosmic, undying breathing.

Author` just can`t remember…:D


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