Sitting in my planet

I`m waiting for you

I`m alone in this planet

There is nobody here

As I was leaving the planet

A cat licked my leg

I thought-He loved me

Sitting in my planet for a long time

I was mewing

And the cat understands that

I was waiting for you

Here there`s a small ocean

But as I can not swim

I try to believe that

There`s no small ocean at all

Here there are no houses

There are no roads

And there are no buildings too

And as first I said, “I`m alone here”

Last time that I built a house I was a lil` child

I did it with mud

Then with legos

Then I grew older

As I was leaving the planet and no cat licked my leg yet

I determined to have fish

I went to “Forestsounds” shop

And as I had no money

And as I was in the planet for the last time

I began to watch the fish for a long time

And went out

Looking at the small ocean from far

Fish appear in my eyes

And I began to wait for you longer

My planet


My cat

Fish in my eyes

We all know

That our days are doors

Behind which you won`t stand

Looking at the ocean reminds me of bathroom and my books

I miss voice, smell, color of the city

I miss God…

The planet understands me

Nobody`ll speak to me after midnight

I lay on the planet

Clutch and wait

Till my mother call me home from the neighbour planet

And usually here poetry begins

That is completely different poem…

Author` Hasmik Simonian


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