to give you a farewell was the most important thing

then you would close the door

shuffling down like a little boy

you would whirl



go away


only some belts like wandering pachyderm snakes

and a few wriggling boxes of napkin would remain on the floor

and a torn-up and softened body

giving itself up to the mighty Titan ”Nergal” cry

that  after quitting it would sanctify your being with godlike kicks

and you would become friable like a chocolate cake

and clean like pickled pig legs


rapidly taken your photo would remain in my mobile

where you were sleeping clewed under your blanket

like an unborn baby

your towel hanging on the window after the night bath

your towel like the world largest handkerchief, improbable blue, saying good-bye to you from the window

It seemed you`re his own brother going to the Army


and I`m alone because i`ve not come to see you off

and you`re alone because you know the road

keep going toRio de Janeiro

keep going to Malvino Salvador


here are aircrafts

which after very long farewells

will squander you from our sky to your sky on an irony tray

here are buses which i don`t like

mini-buses where you can buy my hatred  by 100AMD

cars that i can`t drive but i`ve got my driving license


and here are horses that i dream to ride in mountains, woods and fields

here is your towel

which would follow your possible steps like a magic carpet

if it didn`t remain hanging on the window nail and didn`t untie rippling so gently

here are your relatives

your mother

standing at the labyrinth door the clew of the towel-thread in their hands

slowly becoming Greek Ariadnes with Sassoun roots


I am not here

because you`re already a big guy

and you know how to cut the chocolate cake

and you now how to return for your passport

and you know when not to say words like vomiting

and you know when to press the key silently to my neck

and  to leave the size of your foot on my body

with improbable blue marks

probably you may know how to say a toast

because you`re already a big guy

very big guy.


Author`Hasmik Simonian




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