Here is the sea of uncertainty

Which overcomes me  immediately

I` m waiting where will wind

Take my sail, which he` s found.

Tumbling down slowly

I` m resolving to small bits

And I` m not feeling inside of me

No grain of any pity.

As a being in harmony with

The freaks of ground and time

I adopt shapes

No man can achieve making any effort.

And I live if

The obedience of the movement to foreign will is called ”LIFE”

Day by day I dissociate

In Air, Water, Soil and Bud.

And I don` t know if my face

Familiar to all of you will return

When in star-proximal distance

My millennium will pass.

When the universal bonds,

Estranging us, disappear

In the most swallowed and reconciled sands of time…

again can`t remember the author` name…


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